THAB's Going to PAX South!

That's right, folks. The fine people at Penny Arcade have seen fit to put their inaugural fourth and final games convention of the year- although technically it kicks off the year -right here in our home state! We're so proud.

So of course, we couldn't help ourselves but get out from behind our desks and computers and make the trip down to San Antonio to see what all the fuss was about. (And it is a big fuss.) This shindig is a huge to-do, and you can expect lots of pics and vids on our Facebook and YouTube pages in the days ahead.

While we're not going to be there in any official capacity, with a booth or merchandise (ooch, someday, Powers That Be), we are gamers and geeks, and by gum, we want to taste this magic. And if you happen to be down there this weekend too, give us a shout on one of our pages!

Game on.

What's been happenin'?

We never call, we never write, we never stand outside your window at night with our cameras out (that you know of...)

Well, we've been doing a few things, like wrapping up our big Batman: Arkham Asylum Let's Play. It was a beast to be sure, but by and large, we had fun doing it, and we want to do more long PC games like that in the future (and of course attack Arkham City before the release of the finale in 2015).

Before all that, however, personal life takes a bit of a precedence, so we've gone on a bit of a sabbatical to get our professional lives in order, coding and writing in our spare time. THAB remains a passion project for us, but not a primary breadwinner. when 2015 rolls around, we do hope to have some pretty interesting new ideas to drop.

Or we'll just hide in shame and fear. Whatever's easier.

Kickstarter Catch-up: Lemme Esplain...

No, there is too much. Lemme sum up.

*sigh* Well dear readers, we did not reach our goal of $20,000.

There are of course, further little updates and videos you can see over at our official Kickstarter page. (The final eighth update actually features a preview of future projects for the rest of the year, so we do encourage you to check that out most of all ;D)

For now, we've got a fair bit of summer sun to soak up... and then rush inside to not get burned.

We are pale-skinned geeks, remember?

Kickstarter Week 4 Concluded... Dev Vlog!

We're halfway through our Kickstarter campaign. Things definitely need to pick up a little bit, if we're being honest. That solid gold toilet isn't going to buy itself, after all. So we're hard at work planning the next week's worth of press release strategy.

In the meantime, enjoy a look behind-the-scenes, care of our Head of Development, Ryan Freels, in our first ever Dev Vlog.

Kickstarter Week 2 Concluded... Video and Twitter Launch

We've made it to the end of another week... let's celebrate by giving the nation tomorrow off! A happy Memorial Day tomorrow, and thanks to all who've served and sacrificed for their country. We owe you more than can ever be repaid.

This week's video is called "Q&A" and features us discussing such controversial topics as euthanasia and techno-racial equality (ie, PC vs Mac). Enjoy!

Also, we're happy to finally announce our debut on Twitter @thabentertain, so get to following, tweeting us, and retweeting everything we happen to mistakenly mash into our keyboards in a vain attempt to stay relevant and hip (are pogs still a thing? can we make them a thing again?)

Kickstarter Week 1 Concluded... New Video!

With our first week down we've already seen our first Backers throw their support behind us (thanks so much!), as well as a number of other folks reaching out to us to either offer their services in furthering our campaign, or ask what they can do to help grow our company. We're incredibly excited either way; THAB was started to help bring together disparate talents and allow people who weren't finding the right outlet for their abilities a place to shine. Kind of like the X-Men, but without killer robots from the government.

Moving on, with the end of the week, we've uploaded a new video to our YouTube featuring some bloopers from our Kickstarter video shoot. Have a few laughs at Geoff's expense (as we all do) and keep checking in.

Kickstarter Launched!

On May May 9th 2014 at 9pm CST, the SS Agoraphobia set sail for uncharted waters. What fates lies in store for this untested vessel? Vaulted glory? Tragic disaster? Only time will tell. Visit the link below and maybe you dear reader can be a part of history!*
"Bring me that horizon!"

*(well that's stupid, really, logically speaking, you already are.)